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Automatically check for invalid links Automatic notification when the link is invalid Automatically re-upload invalid files No annoying ads

Upload files to many different websites, and check from time to time whether links or files are invalid, and if not, re-upload them. If you are also troubled by these boring jobs, please try our service!

Save time and energy

We can help you automatically upload to many file hosting sites, you only need to upload once, it's that simple.

No annoying ads

Unlike other sites, we have no pop-up ads, misleading ads, forced-click ads, simple pages, easy to use.

Automatic re-upload

The file uploaded by us will be re-uploaded automatically if the link is invalid. You don't have to spend time and effort to find invalid links, re-upload files, and then update the links in your blog.

Do more with less

Automatically replace invalid links Only need to upload once No annoying ads

Leave the boring work to us so that you can enjoy your life to the fullest.

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Best Features

Links Checker

You want to know immediately which links are invalid, try our link check function, it can find invalid links in time, and notify you via email or Telegram

No annoying ads

Different from other websites, our annoying-ads-free url shortener gives you one more choice.

Protect your links

We can protect and anonymize your hosted files links such Uptobox, 1Fichier, Mega.nz, Uploaded , to avoid bots and auto link reporting. It include Google reCaptcha® . It's free, safe and easy to use, just check the "Protect Link" checkbox on the (Add New Link) page and get a new link.


From our blog

1Fichier의 API를 얻는 방법

1Fichier의 초기 설정에는 웹 사이트에서 api 키를 얻는 것이 포함됩니다. 브라우저에서이 작업을 수행하고 https://1fichier.com/console/params.pl에서 가져와야합니다.이 API를 사용하려면 프리미엄 구독이 필요합니다. 1Fichier는 유명한 클라우드 스토리지 제공 업체입니다. 이제 uApp의 DriveHub를 통해 1Fichier를 ftp, sftp 또는 webdav와 같은 다른 스토리지 프로토콜로 변환 할 수 있습니다. 마찬가지로 Google 드라이브, Microsoft OneDrive 및 기타 네트워크 하드 드라이브가있는 경우 uApp의…


1Fichier的初始設置包括從網站獲取api密鑰,您需要在瀏覽器中執行此操作,從https://1fichier.com/console/params.pl獲取。 請注意,使用該API需要高級訂閱。 1Fichier是著名的雲存儲提供商。現在你可以通過uApp的DriveHub來將1Fichier轉換為ftp、sftp或者webdav等其他存儲協議。 同樣的,如果你有Google的Drive、Microsoft的OneDrive等等網絡硬盤,都可以通過uApp的DriveHub來向1Fichier傳輸數據。另外,我們還支持Amazon Drive、Amazon S3 、Backblaze B2 、Box、Ceph、DigitalOcean Spaces 、Dreamhost、Dropbox、Google Cloud Storage、Google Photos 、Hubic、Jottacloud、IBM COS S3 、Koofr、Mail.ru Cloud、Mega、Microsoft Azure Blob Storage、Minio、OVH、OpenDrive、OpenStack Swift 、Oracle Cloud Storage 、pCloud、premiumize.me 、put.io 、QingStor、Rackspace Cloud Files 、Scaleway、Seafile、StackPath、SugarSync、Tardigrade、Yandex Disk 等一系列網絡硬盤。

Free yourself from boring work and enjoy life better