1. Main feature
Currently uapp supports automatic upload (remote upload via url), dead chain detection, dead chain reminder and other functions.


2. The benefits of using links on our website
By repackaging your original link, we can:
Easily find invalid links;
When the link is invalid, you do not need to replace it one by one on the multiple websites that distributed the link before. You only need to modify the link through our website to complete the replacement. The file distribution operation through our website can automatically detect the failed link and automatically Replace stale files. You do n’t need to upload the file again, and then find the invalid file link page by page, and then replace it. Users can also obtain information more conveniently;
Optional link protection function, so that unauthorized programs cannot easily obtain your link and protect your customers;

3. How to use automatic upload
Log in to https://linkskeeper.uapp.win and submit the link of the file to be uploaded to the “RemoteUpload” page. The system will automatically download and upload it.
In the bullet box for link submission, you can choose whether to enable the “link protection” function to prevent unauthorized third-party software from easily obtaining your file download link.
When the file is downloaded, the status will change from the original “Uploading” to “Completed”. At this time, you can click the link button on the right to copy and paste the link to where you need it.
With the help of uapp.win, the original upload operation required a dozen times, but now it only needs to be uploaded once, which is more convenient and faster.


4. What is “link protection”
If you do not want unauthorized programs to easily obtain your download link, please enable “link protection”. After enabling this function, you will need to complete the program judgment when obtaining the link. Only the real request can get the download link.


5. What is “dead chain detection” and “dead chain reminder”
Pages or files you upload will become invalid from time to time, and replacing them will become a very troublesome job. “Dead link detection” can help you easily identify which links or files have become invalid, and notify you when necessary.
To enable this feature, please log in to https://linkskeeper.uapp.win, then click “My Cyberlocker Link” and submit the link of the file you need to monitor. At the same time, you can choose to enable “link protection” (about “link protection” , Please refer to “What is Link Protection”).

After the addition is complete, you can directly jump to the link page you just added through the “Open Link” button on the right. Note that if you enable link protection and want it to work properly, you must use the link we give you in the subsequent use process (including but not limited to sharing your link and pasting it to other websites). If link protection is not required, you do not have to use the link we gave you. However, we still recommend that you use the link we gave you, because this will be more convenient when dealing with the problem of link failure in the future: you only need to find the failed link on our website and replace it, without having to go to each website or page again. Renew the invalid link again.

The program will periodically check whether the link you submitted is available, and notify you via Email or Telegram when it becomes invalid.

In order to facilitate the replacement after the link is invalid, we suggest that when using the link of the file host, we first add and monitor through our website, and then use the link given to you by our website for pasting or sharing operations. In this way, your users You will no longer face the problem of link failure when you visit the link at some time in the future.

The current website that supports judgment can be found at: https://uapp.win/blog/2017/01/01/currently-available-files-hosts/


6. Our advantages in advertising
For many websites, there are always too many annoying ads. When the link opens, various misleading advertisements and pop-up advertisements make the user experience quite bad.
On our website, there are no pop-up ads, misleading ads, and simple pages, so that you and your users will not feel uncomfortable.