With an uApp.win account, you have unlimited access to a wide spectrum of premium file sharing services and websites, like Uploaded.net and Rapidgator. To use them, you just need to paste their link into uApp.win and click upload.

Premium file sharing services offer faster uploads compared to free services and they offer premium content that is not available to free users.

Setting up an account for all of these premium file sharing services bears a lot of disadvantages, including the costs, the problem of managing all of the credentials (usernames and passwords) and the flat-out security and privacy risks that connecting to these services entails.

uApp.win spares you the pain by doing all the hard work and stepping in between you and file sharing websites, like Rapidgator. Your privacy will be protected, while uApp.win connects to their service.

You don’t need a premium Rapidgator account. You can benefit from our infrastructure with dedicated high-tech servers and unlimited bandwidth.