You are probably familiar with the frustration of uploading files from streaming services, like YouTube or SoundCloud. Another great functionality of is its ability to upload music files directly from any SoundCloud link.

Streaming services don’t let you upload a file as a whole, but serve the file bit by bit, enabling you to view them simultaneously, without uploading them as a whole.

Traditionally, there has been a variety of tools and services, web based or not, that enable you to upload sound and video files from the streaming websites. But they are full of annoying ads and sometimes even malicious., as your uploading Swiss Pocket Knife, once again makes the life of uploading easier and enables you to upload directly from SoundCloud.

You don’t even need to sign up with SoundCloud. It is enough to submit a link from SoundCloud to and your music file will be uploaded for you immediately.’s ability to capture streams of music and video and convert them to a file that you can upload, in combination with its native integration with your cloud storage solutions, like Google Drive, Dropbox or Amazon Cloud Drive, creates a first- class uploading experience that shouldn’t be missed.